Radio Commercials

Radio commercials is a good way for many businesses to reach their clients. Millespeak has delivered voice overs for many years to both national and local radio stations. I have a background as an actress and can do all kind of voices, no matter if its a young, fresh, serious, sexy, welcoming or just a normal voice, I will do my utmost to give you exactly the voice you need for your commercial. You can always call me on +45 26209282 or write me a Below you can listen to some of the radio commercials that I have made.



I have put my voice to several radio commercials for the deal site The theme for Downtown’s radio commercials was a laid back style, young, ‘fine if you wanna listen, but you can decide for yourself, because you are so cool anyway’ kind of voice.



One of my most sexiest voices for a radio commercial for Ford Focus. It had a wonderful time making it.



This radio commercial I am especially proud of.We did it because we wanted to help kids with cancer and to put some focus on these kids. I am very proud of it for being such an honest voice.



Radio commercials for the beef house ‘Jensen’s Bøfhus – Sometimes salad is just not enough’. The instructions was selling, cozyness, fresh voice, and straight forward. That he got – and here is the results.



I love coffee. Especially good coffee. That they can definitely deliver at Starbucks. This commercials is made together with Otto & CO. I used a young, fresh and welcoming voice.