Audiobooks by millespeak


Iphones and Ipods have made audio books avaliable to everyone at any given time. Headphones are put on in the car, in the train, on the bike or in the coach. From the headphones comes the newest crime novel or the best seller of the decade. Millespeak puts voice to audio books in own studio and can put voice to your audio book. Do you need a clear female voice for your next audio book, you can contact me af +45 26209282 or at My voice is suitable for audio books for both adults and kids Below are some examples of how it sounds when your audio book is read by me:


‘Kærlighedshistorier’ is a book written by  Maria Helleberg. Its a book about the many love stories in Danish history. I had a lot of fun putting my voice to all these fantastic and known love stories. I made it together with the publisher Lindhardt & Ringhof.



‘Fanny Hill – en glædespiges erindringer’ was a funny and challenging book to read. The book is written by the author John Cleveland. Its a classic erotic novel about a prostitutes life in the 17th century in London. The audio book is not for the weak hearted, and many time while reading the erotic words, i had to stop myself to be sure, this was actually what I was supposed to read.



‘Beskidt’ is a short story I have put my voice to for Novelleforlaget.



‘Troldevenner’. A demo for a kids book, for the publisher Lindhardt & Ringhof.