Danish female voice-over

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Danish female voice-over

I’m Mille, a professional Danish Voice-over artist who puts her voice to all kinds of productions. Do you need a Danish female voice for your next TV commercial, radio commercial, eLearn project, audiobook, app, answering machine or corporate film then give me a shout. Millespeak delivers high quality voice-overs and has many years of experience in the business.

The right voice

Pick me as your female voice-over and you can be sure that it sounds good. You get exactly the kind of vibe you want for your project. Please call me at +45 26209282 to get a quote if you need a good voice for you next project. You can also write me at millemum@gmail.com. I work efficiently and I am very flexible. Most often I can deliver a from hour to hour, but I would gladly come to a studio of your choice if you prefer.

TV commercials

My career started with doing TV commercial, and I still remember my first job where I put my voice to a commercial for Coca Cola. The job included many people from advertising and production companies and I was really nervous. Now, 12 years later, I have put my voice to TV commercials beyond counting. The nervousness is long gone and replaced by a high degree of professionalism and comfort in front of the microphone. TV commercials is still an effective way to reach your target audience if you pick the right voice.


Being a voice-over means putting your voice to for example movies or commercials where you do not appear physically in the show. You can define voice-over this way. ‘Words that are spoken in a movie or television program by a person who is not seen’. For the past five years, I have also put my voice to a number of English productions, including commercials and a number of eLearn project.